Textiles move

I plan on taking a couple days off at the end of March, first of April. I will be in the building Evey Friday in March.

We can begin boxing up the small stuff. Try keeping similar item together. Fabric try to keep together by color. Any equipment make sure it’s inventoried.

I will buy additional storage boxes for the additional sewing machines we’ve aquired.

All shelves and tables will need to be empty for when we have a moving truck.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Paula and I will be in the Textiles space working on getting it ready for the move. If anyone wants to come this morning/afternoon, we would sure love some help. This will make the move for textiles faster and you will be up and running sooner if you help!

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I will be there tomorrow marking what 2 men and a Truck can take and Friday from 9 until boxing up everything I can and taking small equipment to Booth.

textiles is moving along

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I will be between Booth and Douglas tomorrow from 10 till 1or 2 moving what I can. We will leave thing in boxes in the room fo now and do unpacking next weekend. There is still some electrical and build out that may occur.

I didn’t set an alarm I should be at Booth by 1030. I’ll be doing a little organization there then heading to Douglas.

Roughly about what time do you think you’ll be at douglas? I have plenty of room in my vehicle to help you get some stuff over to booth.

Thanks everyone! Next weekend unpacking.


Maybe not, please look for an email forthcoming

In light of everything. I will spend a few hours at Douglas pack each day. Set up at Booth can wait

I plan on being in Textiles Friday morning for a few hours. Will post here when I head that way. Goal is to figure out what’s in boxes lable and organize them. Plus I have 8 bolts of donated fabric to cut into squares for mask. If you help your welcome to take a stack or two to build mask. I may also have ties to prep.

I will watch for your post would love to come help.

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I’m hoping by 10 at the latest, but yes will post here.