Textiles hangout 9/5

Textiles hangout is this coming Tuesday 9/5/23 from 6pm to whenever. Come hangout with us.

Got questions? We will do our best to answer them.

Want a quick how to on a sewing machine we will give you one.

Need help with a project? Pop in and we will do what we can.

Only rule is leave the drama at the door. We are here to enjoy each others company and share the love of textiles.

This is on the calander as a “textiles meeting” we need to come up with a fun title to change that to!


I like the idea of a fun name change, here are a few ideas if you don’t mind me throwing in my 2 cents “Textile Talks” “Fabric Forum” “Conclave of the Cloth” “Bobbin Along the Round-Table” “Cut it Out Council” my fave “Day of the Thread”


Day of the Thread has my vote hehe


Hehe Day of the Thread has mine to