Tandy Leather classes

Am I the last person to know that we have a Tandy Leather shop here in Wichita? I learned through Facebook that they offer classes, and I wish I was free on Tuesdays to take the dog collar one. Since we don’t have any leather-centric classes coming up, some people may be interested in this in the interim.

Here’s the schedule: Wichita Store #19 — Tandy Leather, Inc.


Well shoot! I didn’t even know we had a leather thingy happening in OUR shop! Good to know!

I have a leather tooling kit I inherited from my mom. It even has a long cowhide belt, still blank. Rip Mom. Im not going to take up leatherworking. I did some as a boy scout, 50 years ago. But am now re-employed and not going to take up anything new. (Except maybe hang gliding). And i would like to see this kit go to a good home where it might get worn out by somebody who needs the release of hammering on thick skin for hours.
Looking to see how to post a pick of the 2 shoeboxes.