Table saw throat plate

Is there another throat plate for use with dados? I feel like I’ve seen one in the past but maybe I imagined it.

Hmmmm… I know we have it… but I guess I haven’t sent
Seen in a while. If it’s not with the Dado stack… then I don’t know.

I don’t even know where the dado stack is. I brought mine to the space last night to use, but the throat plate didn’t jump out at me, so I gave up. Where are the dado blades?

I have seen, just don’t remember where but it should be around.

Ok, I’ve looked around and I might be blind and just not seeing it, but I don’t see it.

Also, I did look at the dado blades and they need a good cleaning. More importantly though, they look like they need a good sharpening. Which might also contribute to them needing a good cleaning.

Also, also, the dust collector remote that didn’t work should work now but it appears the battery is dead.

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