Table saw question

Can I cut laminated boards on table saw or will it trigger the sawstop?

According to this thread,on another forum, not a problem.

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Laminated board is fine to cut, but fair warning… it usually chips out pretty badly. Make sure you cut with the laminated side face up.

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Its laminated on both sides unfortunately.
However I like to raise the blade to just barley clear surface and score laminated surface first then cut all the way thru another step to take it even further would be to lower blade all the way down double back tape a sacrificial piece of laminate really good to surface then turn on table saw and reverse plunge blade thru laminate.
Then when you run piece it would not have any clearance to blow out in the blade opening


If you run masking tape along your cut line, you will reduce the blowout on the backside.

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I’m only just learning about table saws, would chip out reduce with a higher tooth count and a slower feed?

Short answer is yes

They do make blades specific for laminate but usually not idea for a finish cut I’m just making some shelves to display 3d printed items out of an existing cabinet

It’s actually the rake of the tooth, but higher tooth count helps also. Less hook. They make special blades for cutting laminates and veneers.

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