SWE Expo - March 10

Hey Makers - this party is coming up: http://wichitaswe.org/expo

It’s AWESOME, a century II kind of annual celebration of engineering and geeky DIY for kids. We need volunteers to help staff our booth. The event is March 10 from 9am-2pm. I updated http://makeict.org/volunteer to be a sign up, or just reply here. Our MakeICT booth will have a wind tunnel where kids can test their paper airplanes, you’ll love it.

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This is one of our favorite events. I will be there to play with my family. We haven’t missed one since moving to Wichita.

It’s this Saturday - tell all your friends!


We could really use more help at the booth for a short shift, can anyone spare a couple hours?

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Is the website down? I’d like to sign up but it’s not loading for me.

Yep. The website is down.

Expo was awesome this year! Great to see lots of you there with your families :slight_smile: they said over 3,000 people attended and I believe it because I was dead tired!

Huge thank you to Barb and Mike Hutton for building the wind tunnel, kids LOVED it, we got perfect light up kid faces when they saw airplanes lift off in there :slight_smile:

Huge thank you to Tom, Jim Hammer, and Jace for staffing the booth with me all day!

We will set up the wind tunnel for the march gallery show. It was too fun making the airplanes fly, making non-airplanes flutter and dance around, tufting odd objects to test their aerodynamic properties. The kids didn’t all know that an airplane points INTO the wind to get lift or what wind tunnel testing is even for so those were all great concepts.

Awesome day!

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