SVN For Lasers

Im working on a personal SVN to sync files between my computers and the thought hit me that it might be a good thing to have setup at the space for the lasers. I don’t always have a jump drive on me and my computer takes usb c instead of the usb-a that the laser computers have.

Would it be beneficial to have an SVN server setup at the space so we can just upload our files to personal folders on the SVN that we can use to sync files between our personal computers and the laser computers?

Just a thought. Any input would be appreciated.


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Is there a reason you’re leaning toward Subversion over Git?

As you noted, SVN requires that you have a central repository server (which can be a single point of failure and requires someone to manage it) whereas Git is decentralized and does not require a server. I would argue that Git also has a more robust branching and merging system, works well offline, and has the benefit of being widely used in the open-source community.

By widely used in the open source community… he means … linus uses it, so linux uses it… so many linux projects use it…

Can we easily print / laser from a git repository?

This could be something to implement for the printers too.

Its just what I have setup for myself. I am just learning stuffs, but figured a repo would be good to have. We can sync a “laser folder” to a personal computer aka my laptop which will sync with a folder I can access from the computers hooked up to the lasers. That way I don’t have to rely on whether or not the cable i brought for transfer or whether my usb drive is(n’t) borked.

It doesn’t matter what gets setup I just feel it would be beneficial for everyone; that could also prevent others from messing with someone else’s files potentially too; I dont know if thats a problem or not but it would provide version control as well so you can make sure you are using the right file for your project.

Would be neat to be able to mount a MakeICT drive. Although I have mounted my google drive before.

…We don’t need to know what you do in your spare time… :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, no… that’s not at all what I mean.

Quite to the contrary, Microsoft owns GitHub. :crazy_face:

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Google Drive’s client software Backup & Sync (B&S) has been replaced with Google Drive for Desktop (DFD).

B&S used to store a physical copy of Drive folders on your PC eating up your local storage. DFD, on the other hand, maps a G: drive on your PC and stores the files remotely only bringing down content as needed.

I’ve had a good experience with the mapped drive so far…

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I THINK I understand the problem you’re trying to solve. When you sit at a given laser cutter’s PC, none of your projects and files are available to you. IF/WHEN you change something at that PC, the change doesn’t make it back to your primary file system (AKA, your laptop). There’s a couple of variations of this scenario, but that seems to be the gist I think.

In the case you bring your laptop with you, you COULD browse the Windows network from the laser PC to a shared folder on your Laptop using the Windows File Explorer convention of \laptop\sharedfolder.

If you don’t want to bring your laptop and still want to use Subverision, you can actually check out your SVN repo to a USB stick and pop it into the Laser PC. When you bring it home, sync the changes back to your repo.

There are other scenarios that may be of interest for solving your problem… I’m open to brainstorming. But if you know and like Subversion, that last one might be good.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever come across a project that was hosted in an SVN repository. I’m sure they exist, but it seems like the vast majority use Git.

Yes, but Microsoft does not own Git.

I’m not sure that any kind of version control setup would be useful to the majority of our members. I think it’s a bit beyond what most people are familiar with. We’ve had a shared folder on the laser computer in the past, but I don’t think we have anything set up currently.


We use SVN at work but I wouldn’t really endorse it.

I think using a cloud based solution of choosing [OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc] that allows you to sync a folder on your home device and has a web interface at the maker space is reasonable when USB isn’t available.