Super Second Awesome Annual Auction Artist Submission Form is now here!


We need you! make cool pieces of makeryness and donate them for our Super 2nd Awesome Annual Auction benefitting our makerspace areas!

Submission form:

Remember, there’s no limit of items you can donate!

Other information:

  • Items that have a minimum value of $500 or less, sell the best.
  • Please think about setting your minimum bid to less than half the value of the piece to better facilitate our fundraising efforts.

Expect to see more information around the makerspace about our Super Second Awesome Annual Auction! Feel free to share with friends.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself, @paul.maseberg or @ladeana

Thanks for being awesome!

@gail, check out this form! We’d love to have your donations!

No hesitation, I just don’t have them created yet! Lol How late can I get this form to you?

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Deadline for submissions is Friday September 21st.