Summer Intern Boot Camp

Hi Makers - Do you work at a company that hires summer interns? I’d like your help spreading the word about our summer intern boot camp. On the surface this is nothing special, just a normal makeict membership. The only difference is that since we know interns might have more spare time after work as they get to know Wichita, they can drop everything and to go to five straight evenings of classes :slight_smile:

Please put up this flyer around your offices:

Here is a website with more info:

And invite them to Maker Monday to learn more!

Mega thanks to LaDeana, Christian, Doug, Malissa, Marc, Patrick and JB for helping me out with this and scheduling classes for this fun experiment!

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Do you have an update on this experiment? I don’t believe I have taught any interns yet.

We had two sign up. They will see you Saturday!

Next year I think I will just post up a list of classes that interns could take for free, based on a few instructors being cool, and make sure to schedule plenty of classes in early June. I think it’s just too hard to market to a bunch of interns who don’t live here yet and don’t know what their lives will be when they do get here.

Thanks everybody for experimenting with me though.