Straightened up drying shelves

I came into ceramics today and did a little straightening up. There was stuff on the drying shelves from February. I did not throw anything away. Everything that had no date or name I put on the Shelf closest to the sanding booth. I put everything that was 30 + days out in the open on the same shelf. I didn’t really touch anything on the top of the shelves because I am to short and didn’t want to damage any ones stuff plus Russ is using that for his bowls. I left everything done less than 30 days alone as long as it had a name and date on it. Reminder, anything left on the shelves after 30 days goes into reclaim or it can be claimed by someone else. Please LOOK on the shelves for your stuff if you want it. I put a platter on the freebie shelf in front of ceramics. It is not dishwasher/microwave friendly. Wash by hand


I apologize to anyone who may be upset that I moved their stuff while cleaning and organizing the Drying Shelves. I did NOT break anything. I was gentle. I’ve been touching delicate ceramics for over a decade so I’m good at it incase anyone is worried. If in doubt I leave it alone. As a reminder “PLEASE PUT A DATE AND NAME” on your stuff. Even if you put your work into a grouping, we have no way of knowing who it actually belongs to because things are constantly shifted around for a variety of reasons. Also, round cups and round bowls all look alike for the most part, especially when most are at the same skill level. It is easy to get things mixed up and confused, so PLEASE name and date EVERYTHING on the drying shelves. It makes things so much easier and organized. Putting your work in a grouping is a good thing too, better use of shelf space.