Steampunk USB’s

16 GB and 32 GB flash drives in a steampunk style copper and glass case

Just thought I’d share a couple of projects I completed shortly before my trip.


Very cool! Nicely done, and everything looks like it has purpose! Definitely leans towards the electric side of steampunk. :slight_smile:

Man, you would have had a blast when the Emerald City Steampunk Expo was going. They always had some pretty killer concerts with steampunk themed bands from across the US.

In the mean time, I think cow town still has their steampunk days in the spring.

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Thanks Dustin it’s going to take me a bit to track down all the events etc, that’s a good start. Here’s something else I dabbled with, a Viking style axe head.

I’ve electro etched it since then but don’t seem to be able to find the pic.


That axe reminds me of some apocalypse events in Oklahoma called Atomic Falls.

I use to make some ‘cutlery’ for the rennaissance fairs and would bolt the blades down to a 6 or 8ft long chamfered 2x3, but I think there are a few army surplus stores, or even The Big Tool Store, that carry some vintage ax handles.