Spring Great Plains Renaissance Festival (4/19-4/21) | Volunteer, Vendor, and Planning

The spring renaissance fair is coming up on us pretty quick.

If you’re not familiar with our involvement out there, we do quite a few things. The big one is have a big amazing castle out there with members selling their personally made projects. The other big part is that we fling rubber chickens across the joust field. ‘But wait, there’s more!’ We also interact with kids and help them build catapults!

If you would like to help out, let me know! We’ll definitely need a few hands for setup and tear down, but there’s also a lot of opportunities during the event to interact with fair goers and bust out that sewing needle to make your own garb! We also do a well being check during the start of fair to make sure other vendors have enough help and equipment (like stakes and carabiners to keep their tents and displays in place).

There’s also a chance for new vendors to get their feet wet during the event. We will have 5 spots for vendors to setup a 6ft table under our tent and test out how their ideas sell! Preference will be given to first vendors that have not sold at the faire before.

I highly recommend that you allow an hour to find a parking spot if you do not plan on being at the event the whole day.

Volunteers B C D E F G
Volunteers Needed 1 2 3 4 5
Setup Apr 19th (10am - 6pm) Rustin A. Dean D. Randal A. LaDeana D.
Apr 20th (9:30am - 6pm) Rustin A. Dean D. Lynne Crawford LaDeana D. Matthew C. Noelia H.
Apr 21th (9:30am - 6pm Rustin A. Dean D. Lynne Crawford LaDeana D. Matthew C.
+ tear down) Rustin A. Dean D. Dave Hanson LaDeana D. Aaron R? Matthew C.
Vendors B C D E F G
Name 1 2 3 4 5
Apr 20th (9:30am - 6pm) Tricia C. Gretchen K. Samantha D.
Apr 21th (9:30am - 6pm) Tricia C. Samantha D.

Throwing rubber chickens appeals to me. Esp for kiddie giggles.
And selling folks on the MakeICT team.

Nothing says come join us like some good old whacky kid friendly fun.
[Ya mean I cant be acursing like a pirate? ]

I can bring 7 of me grands too. Silly grandparent show

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I moved the meeting to 7pm Friday. We’ll meet in the same room and same time as the events meeting.


Updated the volunteer and vendor charts.

There are still a few spots open for vendors.

We will take some time on April 6th to look at the tent, ballista, and castle repair equipment or get creative!


I’m adding an event to the calendar for 8pm Monday to take care of what’s left for the renn faire.

We still need to paint the missing chunk on the castle, but the tent has been washed and repaired.

We still need to work on stuff for kids to do while visiting the tent.

I was thinking it would be fun to hand kid’s cannons for this years project… anyone up for helping me prototype and crank out 100 kits from rubber bands and small flower pots? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuH-hWrjZmw


Sounds like the plan is to meet up at the makerspace at 10am Friday to load up and hopefully start setting up at Sedgwick county park by noon. Dave Hanson has graciously lent me his trailer, so once I’m at the makerspace, we’ll be ready to start loading.

For those vending: you must have your vehicle off site by 9am on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll probably be there close to 8am both days with ice, water, and maybe Gatorade. The forecast looks like Kansas weather, so be ready for clear skies mixed with random four letter weather.


I’m not going to be able to make the RenFest this session :frowning: Possibly for teardown, but that remains to be seen.


I think I forgot to tell you @rustin.atkeisson that I’m able to help with set up on Friday.


That’s a bummer Aaron, your help is always appreciated. As I’ve said in the past, life first.

Matthew, that’s definitely a relief to hear you’re able to help with setting up Friday!

Also, special thanks to Noelia for offering to help with the catapults and kids projects this weekend!