Spring bulbs planted

This afternoon I planted red tulips, grape hyacinths and early snow crocus in this part of the mosaic garden.


Bulbs take patience but there sure is a big reward in Spring when they’re blooming. I’ve planted hundreds of daffodils and always look forward to bloom time. There are still a few crocus out there too and quite a few grape hyacinths. I usually don’t have much luck with tulips lasting more than 2 or 3 years.


Tulips typically only last a few years anyhow according to the extention office
After that the blooms are small if at all

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Yeah Frank, that is normal from what I understand too. But there are some types, I think they’re called species tulips that are more like original tulips that are supposed to keep mulitplying and blooming for years. I think their flowers are quite a bit smaller and less showy than the big, modern tulips. I’ve never tried them so I don’t have any first hand experience. I do love daffodils though. They just keep multiplying and blooming year after year. The bad thing about some bulbs is that squirrels and other critters like to dig them up and eat them.

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I planted 6 white mums around my new flag pole critters killed them all

I hate it when you plant things and they get destroyed by critters, unless you’re planting them for the critters.