Sourcing Masonite?

Is there a local source for Masonite? I am looking at about 4 full sheets but can make due with 2.

Lumber yard?

Wasn’t there a conversation about this sometime ago?

It’s available at HD, Lowes & Menards according to their websites. Search using ‘masonite’ or ‘hardboard’.

Aren’t there still a few sheets in the fablab?

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There are still a couple thinner 4x8 sheets in fablab.

If need be, Ian Cazabat or myself can coordinate with Spirit to see about getting more. They’re charging us $1/sheet.


I squirreled away several pieces from the bookshelves that got removed from classrooms and saved them from the dumpster. If you don’t mind some super attractive shelf liner on one side and a bunch of cobwebs you’re welcome to take a look at those. My ultimate goal is to CNC them into pegboard but that hasn’t happened yet and they’re taking up space in the kiln room.

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