Sorry for the Mess We are Organizing!

The fabric wall is in the process of being sorted and organized. The red, pink, orange, yellow, green, and multicolored have been completed. Brown, blue, grey, and black are a disaster right now. The goal is to work with them over the weekend. There is a lot of pretty fabric that has been hidden in the boxes and bags that are being sorted. Check out the stash and see what you find! Clean up after yourselves please when you are done!

Some patterns, craft books (assorted textile related), needle work guides, and how to guides for various crafts were discovered under all those curtain hooks and placed on the magazine shelf or into the pattern bins. In some cases we had more than one of the same thing. The extras are available in the free to a good home box by the front door. If you are wanting curtains for your department PLEASE help yourself to some curtain hooks lol. They’re in the black crate under the fabric shelves.

Some pieces are small enough they have moved to the scrap bins. There is a bin for fabric that will work well for quilting (tall and round) and a bin for fabric that will not (rectangle tote, need a bigger one). Hopefully this helps anyone searching for that perfect scrap find what they need easier.

If anyone wants to help there is a large box of hospital blankets under the shelves towards the leather machines that need to be cut up for cleaning rags, The wooden shelves all need to be cleared off, dusted, and have items put back neatly.

We are in need of empty totes for storage and organization! Some of the cardboard boxes are breaking down with age and have been found by a mouse (or two)!


There was a fabric bag of bags down there at one point. We could probably make some fabric bins out of that heavy green canvas. Just not with the sergers it’s too heavy.


I found the giant bag of bags! Its not a fabric bag anymore though, its a huge plastic bag full of plastic bags on the bottom of the cutting table shelves. They could be useful for sorting scraps into color groups or maybe even scrappy quilt top kits if someone wants to get adventurous…