Something's not right here

Something’s not right here. Do you know what it is? Check for the answer below.

Answer: the riving knife is missing! Don’t worry, we found it and put it on. But that’s A MUST have when not using the blade guard.


Stay safe, everyone!

Thanks for keeping us safe @doug.wilson!

OH! Now I won’t call it “that metal shark fin thingy” anymore.


OMG! People, please follow the rules. (There will be no nasty accidents. There will be no nasty accidents. Can you tell I don’t want to have to actually use my first-aid training?)
Thanks bunches Doug!

Doug, we do have a camera in the wood shop. Get with Christian or MikeB if you have an idea of the timeframe.

For everyone else: Identifying who did it isn’t to punish the offender (which may or may not be necessary – up to the Area Lead). But figuring out who was using the table saw without the riving knife gives Doug the chance to find out who needs additional training. There are no doubt some users who would not notice that the knife was missing and try to use the saw that way, which is as dangerous for them as it was for the one who set it up. Doing something unsafe is bad enough, but leaving it that way for folks sharing the shop is absolutely unacceptable.