Some Pre-Make ICT creations!

I’m a brand new member of MakeICT, but I would love to share with you all some creations that I am most proud of if that I have done before my time here! I will start a short thread of pieces that you can consider my “portfolio.”

If you don’t feel like reading through the thread, you can always visit my Instagram: unabridget

To start, I would like to share my pride and joy, what I consider one of my greatest pieces yet, a work I have simply decided to call B L I N K

B L I N K was created with photoshop for no other reason than to make the viewer kindof uncomfortable. :slight_smile:


I have also chosen to include my pieces that are in the same series as B L I N K, these were originally printed to be about as wide as my armspan, or as big as I was able to print them at the time.


These were some studies of the musculoskeletal system when I took my life drawing class in college. Each of these probably took about 7 hours. I started the day before these were due and worked on them through the night. I was able to squeeze maybe an hour nap in before critique started


These were some pieces from my photography class in college. One was made by using a flatbed scanner, and one wast to study white balance.


These are just a few of the pieces I made in my ceramics class in college. Im particularly proud of the skull mug


This was my first and only try at pointillism. Mostly because its a pain in the butt


Sometimes once is enough. Kudos to you for completing the image.

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Your blink series totally worked!

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Those are really awesome!

The first time I went to college I took an experimental class at esu on using a computer to make art. This company just came out with a program called photoshop. I’ve since switched to GIMP, but it’s been years since I’ve worked with it. I did win best of show in 2012 at the exposure competition at WSU. Surprised the art students to see an engineering student win that I think.

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Thank you! I hope that I can put them in a proper show sometime. I had them hung in the art building the weekend before all classes went online for COVID, so not many people actually got to see it hung up.

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I actually started with Gimp and switched to photoshop! I used gimp when I was experimenting with graphic design though.

Your work is fantastic!

Thank you!

Beautiful work I really like it because I’m into stippling. Your bee is stippling and I actually LOVE stippling. Pointillism is in color, Stippling is black and white. I like to do facial portraits using this method or cross hatching. I do both stippling and pointillism.

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