SolidWorks now has a version for Hobbyists!


I think it’s half-installed to your hard drive and part cloud-based for some application tasks. And all of the things you make are saved to their servers to share with other makers.

It cost $99 a year, and monthly subscriptions coming in the fall.

What do you guys think about this?

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers | SOLIDWORKSXCMP2174&utm_content=DM26403&RCid=%40giMjThnkGSTdwodQJPihsg%3D%3D

There is a local user group for solidworks that meets through meetup. I keep thinking I will go to their meeting, but I never get there.

What is the group called on meetup?

I’ve been using their veteran rate, which I think is the same as their student rate. There are things about f360 that are nice but their constant push updates and the way they keep jacking with the included features is annoying.

South Central Kansas SWUG (SolidWorks User Group)](South Central Kansas SWUG (SolidWorks User Group) (Wichita, KS) | Meetup)

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I’m wondering is it just solid works or do they have Catia too I’m taking Catia sketches and part design as a student I am really enjoying all it has to offer would love to be able to make stuff with it after I graduate. The Catia is primarily cloud based as well.

Since it’s called a SW group, I would expect it to be SW. Else it would be called the SW and Catia group. Or Dassault brand CAD group.

There was a group that was similar for CATIA that met at WSU. You might check with their CAD lab to see if they are still meeting there.

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CATIA is really good, but it is pretty pricey. The best way to use it after you graduate is to work for a company that uses it.


All use 3D Experience

Thank you for posting this, Frank. The Marble Machine X project is moving from F360 to SW. I’m hoping this license will work with group projects so I can stay on the team.

Looks like a “no” on it working for Marble Machine X. From the Maker version page:

  1. Are my files or data restricted at all?
    Files and data created with your Maker account are digitally watermarked and can only be opened up in another Maker platform. You cannot open up files created with your Maker account within a commercial or academic platform. This digital watermark is added to native 3D file formats, such as .3dxml, .sldprt, .sldasm, and .slddrw. Neutral 3D file formats, such as .stp or .iges can be opened on any platform.

Wasn’t me!
Electric Gecko is your guy


Here’s a URL for getting 20% off… so, $79.20 for the year.


Thank you @bradcozine! :grin:

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Sorry, Frank! For some reason, I thought you posted this!

@ElectricGeckos kudos!

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If you join EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) for $40/year (… even a free 6-month trial membership), SolidWorks is free! Comes with a great monthly magazine, too!


Thanks, just checked it out. It seems that it’s discounted rather than free: “gives members access to 3D EXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers at a 50% discount. (Retail: $99.00 | EAA Members: $49.50)”

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Interesting. They must have just started charging for it. It has been free to date.

EAA is free for a 6-month trial period, too.

Will you be at Maker Monday?

Yes, just added it to my calendar.