Solar Prize meeting 4-5PM sunday

Snacks provided. If we get 30 people to show up we get $1000. I have about 17 confirmed. Hope to see a few more peeps there.


I think I’ve managed to talk 6 friends into coming as well. I may need help giving them a tour afterwords.


Round-2-Solar-Prize.pdf (1.2 MB)
These are the slides from the event.

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Nice job on this, Malissa!

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So, turns out the deadline to submit an application for Round 2 is NOON on Tuesday.

Would someone be willing to help me create and edit a 90 second video tomorrow night?

Sorry @rustin.atkeisson wish I could. Thank you everyone who came I truly appreciate it.

Well, I ended up completing the application… Definitely not my best work, but Jade encouraged me to apply if at least to get the judges comments and how to improve my presentation for Round 3.

Deadline was 1pm today. I don’t know when I’ll see their comments, but the guidance so far was to focus on putting out an idea that could easily be turned into a commercial product with the funding received.


Heads up…

There is a PEER VOTING portion of the solar prize that opens tomorrow and closes on the 25th.

Winners will be announced in September.


Thank you all just received the paper work to have the funds wired to our bank account. I truly appreciate everyone who attended. @rustin.atkeisson any updates on your entry?

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Go @Malissa!! Thanks for all of your hard work on pulling this together at the last minute.

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We’ll find out Sept 23. :confused:

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For round 3 they will be hosting events again and it looks like they might send support staff for these events. I have signed us up to host.


Better luck next time. Thanks for trying.

Ehh, it was worth a shot, and gave me some new ideas to try sometime.

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