Socket Drawer Organized

I have organized the socket drawer in the metal shop. The top row of sockets is metric and the bottom row is imperial. The piles of sockets are just extras and they are organized by metric and imperial.

Please do us all a favor and keep it tidy so im not forced todo this again


Are the sockets on a socket rail/shadow box?

It might be handy to laser cut a shadow box for the sockets to make sure the sockets go back in some order.

Anything to help members put them back in the correct place.

Kinda. Used a drill bit to make holes for the sockets and cut out pockets for everything else



See how my mind works!


Took some time to organize the sockets and wrenches tonight. Surprisingly for having 5 or 6 sets of wrenches in the drawer, we do not have a 15/16 or a 1in end wrench. :confused:

The metric side - looks like we’re covered between 6mm and 18mm.

Emily already did a good job organizing the sockets, but I’m a bit surprised we don’t have a complete set of deep well sockets in there, not any impact sockets.

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