Social Media Post I want to share your viewpoint of MakeICT

If you tag @MakeICT in your social media post I will gladly re share them. If you send me pictures and captions I will share then on our social media, I don’t want to only share my view point. I currently have 2 members regularly tagging MakeICT in their Stories and no one but myself tagging the space in public post between Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis. I have had content from BE SEEN and Fabric Donation ICT because of things I’ve personally done for them to help promote the space. Please let me know of any opportunities to partner like this. Post must be public for the page to be able to re-share. Otherwise I have to search for content that supports our mission statement and I don’t always have time for that.

I have also started adding post to our Google Business Listing they added this feature about 6 months ago and they turned on followers feeds recently. To follow google business listing google MakeICT and subscribe to updates.

Facebook 5982 likes 6411 followers
Instagram 1448 followers 155 total post 16 re-grams 18 post before I took over Jan 2018
Google My Business 9 Followers 4,400 views average per month


Lol I saw your comment on the other post right before I sent that instagram post!

All the stuff for that oscillator was already in the ERP lab. Just… ya know… disorganized. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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