Small oven inoperative

I was going to do a small lost PLA cast in aluminum yesterday, and when I hit the power switch on the small oven, there was a pop and a flash from under the fan, and no power or lights at all after that. Since I was having a busy day, I put a lockout cover on the plug. I’ll take a look at it when I get a chance, but if someone else would like to diagnose and/or repair it, I wouldn’t be at all offended. It is in the metal shop, on the cabinet at the left edge of the overhead door, next to the sandblast cabinet.

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I may be able to look at this Saturday. Never know what kind of day I am going to have.

Since I did the rewiring, no doubt I did something wrong.

Mike B:frowning_face:

Mark S and I took it apart. Looks like maybe the SSR is bad. I ordered a replacement, which arrived today. I’ll drop it by in the morning, and can swap it out if I have time. I wouldn’t mind at all if someone else did it, though. This time I got one rated significantly higher than what we had.

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I put the oven and the replacement SSR (that’s Solid State Relay, not Soviet Socialist Republic) on the workbench by the component shelves in the ERP lab. Anyone that wants to swap it out, feel free. If it doesn’t get done tomorrow, I’ll swing by and do it when I can.

I replaced the solid state relay on Monday night, then melted down a small crucible of aluminum as a test. Worked just fine, so the oven is back in service.

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