Sixth anniversary

The forum has now been in existence for a little more than six years.

There have been some ups and downs this last year, mostly due to a handful of very vocal people who were being intentionally disruptive.

But, the community has continued to find the forum useful and the disruptive and disrespectful vocal minority didn’t succeed in their attempts to dominate the discussions and to divide the community we have been building.

Some statistics in graphical form:


I’m really happy we left the google group, it was a big change six years ago but I think we can all agree we wouldn’t go back! This format is great, I love the photos people post.

And yes it gets a little heated sometimes but that’s because people are passionate. I tell new members… post what you want to post, be the member you want to see. Don’t sit way up in the cheap seats looking at the forum like a gladiator tournament and thinking “boy, makeict sure debates a lot”. makeict is you! post a topic about the cool things happening, contribute to the good.

it’s a potluck dinner, you wouldn’t go to a potluck and complain that nobody else brought pie, right?