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Hey all,

Old but new again here. I’m not yet authorized or have enough personal working knowledge of the 3D printers to do this but I was needing a small WWII chocolate bar printed. It would be for the Museum of World treasures public demonstrations day this Saturday.

I have the STL and need it down in brown/dark brown but can also paint it. If anyone is able to print it for me I’d if course compensate a fair amount for time & materials.

It’s a 4oz D Ration bar if anyone is curious. If you’re able please drop me a line! If not, no problem. The ‘real’ chocolate model was a victim of the current heat in storage and id prefer a long term non edible for public demonstrations.



I’d be happy to help but sadly not authorized yet.

If you send me the STL I could possibly do it at home, I don’t have any brown though.


I can print it for you.
Can you send me the file?

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Someone had offered just before you did and is going to hopefully print the chocolate bar, but, if you’re willing to help I do need some biscuit cutters made if you’re able to do that.

Color wouldn’t matter. Someone modeled these after the actual ones in the rations and include the names stamped in the biscuits. When used it is tell the difference between biscuits made with these and original ones!

I’d be happy to compensate for the time and filament as well.

I’ve included the files with this email. Let me know what you think.




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I’d be happy to help but sadly not authorized yet.

If you send me the STL I could possibly do it at home, I don’t have any brown though.

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JB carr.stl (108 KB)


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I would be glad to help but I had only a narrow window. Unfortunately, I’m going to be unavailable for the next week. I’m glad you were able to find someone to help.

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Thank you all for your help! Brad and Moon_Goddess got me taken care of. We can mark this solved, just, how do I do that? Lol.


Normally, below the posts, you would see a greyed out button/link that says “solution” or something like that. Just click it!

…but now that I go back through some of my old posts, I’m not seeing that option. How weird.

Some other things on the forum have been weird the last few days, so maybe they’re doing update or something and haven’t communicated. :woman_shrugging:t3:

In any case, glad it got taken care of for you!!!

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I looked at our site settings and the “Solved plugin” is set up correctly as documented at Discourse Solved - plugin - Discourse Meta

But you are correct that it doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly. Generally it’s supposed to be available to the person that created the topic. So I will do a little more research.