Silkscreen and ceramics

I want to dabble in some ceramic screenprinting. I got a roll of 110mesh screen my question is
Q: Is it possible and how do I apply emulsion to a screen that is not on a frame I want it to remain flexible so it could be wrapped around cylinders and non flat objects directly without using silicone block transfer.


So going thru other post I think I got the info I needed from melissa post (12 screens)
I can possibly make a temporary frame then cut it out after emulsion is dry
Great idea


i use Mayco AC-310 Silkscreen Medium,
it will thicken up the glaze so you can squeegee it in the screen.

have fun.


Thx I’ll pick some up. seen some videos on that I see them sprinkling something in it to thicken but they never said what it was.
Called Evan’s they stock it cheap like 3-4$ a jar

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