Shoutout for Volunteers 11/13/23 Woodshop Workshopping

Hello Makers!
at this coming Woodshop Workshopping we will be moving the Dust collector from the north east corner of the Woodshop to higher up on the west wall. It will be a significant amount of work and we would love as many hands on deck to accomplish this particular task, as well as a few other possibilities that the relocation will open up; not to mention a lot of cleaning up associated with it all!

The direct and primary advantage of moving the dust collector is that it will eliminate the vertical jog and two 90° elbows that accompany it and shorten the overall duct length significantly. The result is less static pressure that reduces airflow and kills collection!

In addition, freeing up the northeast corner will allow us to build some dedicated vertical plywood storage. This will allow for safer storage and easier access to both community and private sheet-goods in the shop. Going forward, I will ask that all private sheet-goods over 2’x3’ be kept there and that each individual sheet be labeled with owner/contact/date.

All of this will be stirring up dust, so consider bringing PPE or using what we have on hand which might not be your preferred style/model/size.

In addition, this will necessitate that a variety of personal materials will be reorganized and relocated as respectfully as possible. As you know, all private materials should be marked with Name, Contact information, and Date. As long as the first two are there, members will be contacted if their materials are moved. If no name or contact are on any materials (or obvious stacks/bundles thereof), they will be moved to areas reserved for general consumption and considered up-for-grabs.

Thanks, and Happy Making!


Added to my calendar… I can swing in after Maker Monday… if you get to the point where you’re doing a “team lift” type thing, I can likely duck out to help! #dustcollection


Just a thought… you might add a date to those materials lacking it…