ShopBot usb issues

I was just asked about the ShopBot not recognizing files on a usb. I feel this has been brought up a few times before and is usually solved by using a different usb port.

Am I correct in that?

Has the ShopBot computer been displaying this behavior with more frequency?

tia for any help or suggestions

Original message:

  • "Having problems with the ShopBot. I have my file on my flash drive but I can’t get it connect with the ShopBot computer. Is there a problem with the computer accepting my drive?
    This has happened a couple of times before. "

Yes one of the front ports is glitchy the port on back of computer works better. There is a certain way to access the usb drive, it was posted on forum when I was having trouble. I will try to find post


Thanks Dave!


I’ve not gone back to see if I can determine which USB slot has issues. If any one knows which one doesn’t work we can put tape over it.