Shopbot spindle needs repair

The shopbot wouldn’t work for us today because the spindle was malfunctioning. Sometimes it will work, others times, not so much.
In short, it needs fixed. And if you’re savvy with these kinds of repairs, you can earn your hazardous material authorization but fixing it. It’s been removed from the shopbot, so it should be easy to tinker with.
Thanks in advance!


Doug, did you get my email Saturday about this? It failed on me while cutting a plaque Saturday. I am not sure my emails are getting through.

@Ken opened it up and it needs a set of (2) brushes.

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I’d love to observe the repair if whoever volunteers to do it is willing to let me watch over their shoulder.

as always…youtube to the rescue;-)

Is that a subtle way of telling me you don’t want to hang out, @Ken?


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That was way simpler than I imagined it might be.

I bet if we tried we could make it complicated…


I’ve got the parts ordered and in the mail. I should have it fixed by Saturday. Thanks, Ken!


There’s a spare set of brushes in your mailbox, @doug.wilson.