Shopbot is a bit skewed

@bigswede was helping @bradcozine with his lowrider CNC build today and they noticed that the parts that they cut on the ShopBot weren’t quite square. I took a look and it seems that the gantry is off by a degree or so.

@doug.wilson, have you ever had to square that up before? It looks like it should be pretty simple, but I don’t know if there is any special procedure.

Interesting. I’ve never done that. But that would explain some ill-fitting inlays I’ve made. I’ll see what I can do this weekend.

I squared up the ShopBot gantry a bit. Until I can do some test cuts to verify squareness, we’ve decided to classify it as “Improved”. I will do the tests, make further adjustment, and give an update after I take the Woodshop Safety class on 2/14… Happy Valentine’s Day! <3


ooooo u were in there without authorization lawl

It was done during my Woodshop Hazardous Materials class under adult supervision… :slight_smile: