Shop bot tool table question

Hey Guys,

I have a question about the shop bot tool table. I was able to post process one file that had no problems with the tool table. But for some reason now, I keep getting an error saying “no tool in slot 15…etc”. I thought the .ngc file would automatically update the tool table in the linux cnc software as needed. I don’t remember dealing with the tool table much in the Shop Bot class. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to straighten it out? I might need to re-take the class.

Figured this out.


Make sure all the tools in the tool table are “dummy tools”. Basically, they should have no value for diameter, length, etc, no value for anything.

To update the tool table:
(1) save file
(2) re-read

  • also may need to re-start Linux CNC for some changes to take effect.

What are you using to generate your g-code?

Solidworks cam. I am using a post processor file for the shop bot, sent to me by Hawk Ridge Systems, built into Solidworks cam.