Shop Bot Class

I thought there was a class this Saturday but seems to not be there now. Can we get another class set up soon?


Hey Aaron @squarenuts and Doug @doug.wilson do we have any shop bot classes coming up?

yeah, whenever someone is available! depending on the cost ill pay for a solo class if need be.

I would be interested in a ShopBot class as well…

I would be interest in the shopbot class as well

There is now a Shopbot class on the calendar for Sunday October 16 at 5 PM.


The class did not show up on wildapricot when i looked. I did some more checks and i do not have the prerequisites according to the site. Because of this, the event is hidden. I do have woodshop authorization, and i know from talking to doug that I’m qualified to take any of his classes. Either the system needs to be updated or the classes need to be modified. The same thing happened to me with make a musical instrument last night. The system says i cannot see the page because I dont have authorization, pretty big bummer.

What page are you looking at? You should be able to see it regardless of authorizations, it just won’t let you sign up.

Looks like Aaron (@squarenuts) may have forgotten to authorize attendees after that class. It’s hard for people to sign up for the advanced woodshop classes if you don’t click the button…

I’m very sorry to any and all who have suffered from my atrocious paperwork discipline.
@Christian have corrected my err, or could you please post the date of that class so that I can do so?

It’s been sorted out. Currently running a script to catch any other classes that were missed.