Sewing machines

Between Scott and I, we have checked out all the machines in the textile room. As of this moment, everything out for use works. Of the 7 boxes under the pressing table, 4 are in working order (except the auto threaders), 2 require repair (one of those has no power cord) and there is one machine being used for spare parts. Each box is marked.

If you find an issue woth any equipment, please put a note on it AND post to the forum so we can get it fixed ASAP. Thanks everybody.


Thank you June.


Cathy and I addressed the “White” machine issue, found most of the manuals - placing them with their mschines, identified odd and extra things and generally cleaned up the sewing area. Next up, making use of the shelving that is currently blocked. We had a great time. Maybe we should have a regular “work night” like we used to. Thoughts?


I would join in if schedule permits!

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