Sewing Classes

Starting this Wednesday, with Textile Time, there are sewing classes on the calendar until mid-December. Including Know your sewing machine, learn to sew, patternmaking, printing with found objects, and Scrunchie Mania.


Hi! I’m interested in some of the classes but can’t make them all. Would that be a problem? Or are there certain ones that a beginner needs to go to?

If you have some sewing experience you could skip know your sewing machine and take Learn to sew. They really aren’t tied together.

I may have to move the Reading Pillow class on November 26th. I may have to drive out to St. John’s that day.

Are there any long arm classes/authorizations planned for January? I’m interested in learning how to use this machine but haven’t seen any classes for it in a while

I replied privately regarding longarm class.


If @Jhuie and yourself want to get me up to the level I can help with authorization let me know. I can probably do 1-2 per month.