Servo Actuator Hack

I have a Diadic Systems linear actuators and found a use for it. I am about to give up on trying to use the original controls and software as I am missing some hardware to program it and it doesn’t seem like it would fit my needs very well.

So, I am thinking of using an arduino to control it. Controlling the motor isn’t a big deal…but I’d like to use the encoder. Does anyone have experience with this? Any advice?

LA 2

Here is the link to the manual it anyone is curious:

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Ok so A and /A should be opposite. Same with B & /B. These are called differentials and the wires and traces should be the same length. The enables are needed to make the motor signals come back. I’d use a buffer and an inverter to interface them. 74ls06n and 74ls14n or similar. Run the signal to the input of both, then run the buffer output to the enable and the inverter output to the not inverter. Or just hardwire it to always be high or low.

The signals coming back will probably be able to be decoded using the standard arduino library.

Happy hacking