There have occasionally been some folks here that have expressed interest in old servers for learning and experimentation.

I have 5 Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers that I would give to someone or a group of someones if they could get some use out of them.

These would have been new around 2006 and were considered end-of-life in 2014. They are 1U rack-mount servers that are about 30in long. I do not have any rails for them.

These servers have 2 Quad-core Xeon CPUs for a total of 8 cores. The exact model and clock speed of the CPUs varies. The amount of RAM in each also varies (2: 8GB, 2: 16GB, 1: 32GB).

They have dual power supplies (though on one of them it looks like one of the power supplies might be dead). They have dual 1Gbps ethernet interfaces. Two USB2 ports on the back and two in the front. There is also an iDRAC interface.

Each server has two 3.5in hard drive hot-swap trays. The sizes of the installed drives vary, but each system has two identical drives installed that are configured as RAID 1 (mirroring). The drives have been wiped and there is currently no operating system installed.

These were recently pulled from a production environment, but of course I make no guarantee or promises as to how long they might yet run. While they are pretty old and low-performance by today’s standards, they could successfully be used for low-mid volume web servers, mail servers, etc. They could even be used as something like a KVM hypervisor and run a few virtual machines (particularly the one with more RAM).

Let me know if you are interested. First come first served.




Im interested, I’ve been building a server rack and I’ve been needing more computers for it.

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You can direct message me if you want if you have any questions or want to arrange pickup or whatever.


I have 5 Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers

I didnt know Dell made servers in the 1950s. XD


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You can direct message me if you want if you have any questions or want to arrange pickup or whatever.

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I ended up just putting a western digital my book 4TB on my main computer than created a folder inside and shared it with all my network PCs in home.
Its not a raid 1 server but it takes care of my local store and share needs got it on newegg for $68


Just an FYI, the 1950s are solid machines, but they are not capable of virtualization, so just be aware they are going to have a high end limit of what they can do.