Selling used Anycube photon sla printer

Selling my SLA printer 150$
Works as expected.
Anycube Photon
Resin printer
Just dont need 2 resin printers

How much resin and what types?

I’d love a whole tabletop full of matching printers, just so I could do multiple copies at once and cut down on time. I hear you, though. And I’m sure my wife doesn’t share my vision for printers :roll_eyes:

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Machine only you need to pick up resin

I do more FDM printing than sla

Im sure he asked because you have resin listed in your original post

Sry for misunderstanding I meant to put resin printer for those who are newer to 3d printing and are not quite sure what sla FDM fff is.
I fixed it thx for pointing out

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Tempting, but my wife gave me grief when I bought my 3rd printer and did not thin the herd.

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Meh I’m at 7 lol