Selling PLA Filament

I want to start selling 3DPrinter filament here locally.
I am offering it at 17$ a roll or 10 for 150$.
I will have several white and about 2-3rolls each 19 colors of other PLArolls on hand please let let me know if you need any filament.
I’ve been using this stuff for almost a year now and I love it!



Cool, thanks! I’ll probably hit you up soon.


I just got a 3d printer and would much rather buy locally! I am good for now but will try to remember you when i need more.

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I have an Ender 3 Pro under the Christmas tree for my kids and we need some filament to go with it. Do you have some I could buy before Christmas? If not, any recommendations on what/where to order? I planned on starting with PLA.

Yes sir I have what you need many colors to choose from and lots of white

Hey Frank,

Are you still selling filament?

A buddy is on the hunt for a couple feet of 3mm black or red TPU/Ninja Flex and would rather not buy an entire roll for how he is using the filament in this project.

He’s getting started on a Christmas project.

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Gross. :nauseated_face:

Nah, gross is 3mm ryno filament… That stuff makes ABS smell like daisies…

Sorry I can’t help with 3mm stuff
I stock 17 colors of pla+ at 17$ a roll.
I only do full rolls.

List is just showing what colors I carry qty my not be accurate due to sales

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Thanks Frank, he may actually be looking for a couple colors on that list. I’ll relay the info on to him.

It is 1.75 mm standard

@Frank , you have any black in stock?


Discontinued sale price regular price applies to all 17$ per roll PLA+