Seemingly stinky sinky slip explosion

When I got to the ceramics studio today there was a thick (and I mean THICK) layer of wet slip all around the sink area. It’s rather stinky and I did my best to squeegee it all up and toss it out but it’s still all smeared around. I don’t know if this is the new thing the sink does but I wanted to alert whoever the appropriate people are.


Thanks for cleaning up! And thanks for letting us know. The drain keeps backing up so this has been a bit of a recurring problem. A problem which we’ll be happy to not have after we move into the new building. :slight_smile:


I knew that water had been seeping up from the ground but was very surprised to see it was slip that covered the ground this time! :flushed::woman_facepalming:t2:
I’m definitely excited for when we won’t have to deal with it anymore!


Is there a proper way to clean messes like this up? I went in tonight to glaze and there was a big puddle of water on the floor (and some slip, but mostly just water) around the sink. I tried squeegeeing the water toward what I thought was a drain, but maybe it was just a small hole in the ground? Then I needed to rinse some glaze off of brushes and then more water leaked onto the floor… Anyway, I can come another night and try to clean more, but I’m not sure how to go about it when there’s so much water.

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Sounds like we need to pump the excess water out of the floor drain again… I’ll see if I can’t make that part of my weekend.

Sounds like we don’t have to use that little pump too often, but when we need it, we really need it. Be sure to ask Santa for a new Ceramics space for Christmas!