Seeking help from someone with jewelry knowledge

Hey guys, I recently smashed a thin gold ring of mine while wearing it and then had to use pliers to bend it back a bit to get it off. As a result the Shape of the ring is super off and not very round. I’ve already had to repair the ring once in the past so I’m scared to keep bending it around. Would anyone be able to help me get it back to a nice round Shape? It’s my mother’s old ring and I’m really fond of it so I don’t want to stop wearing it. As a thank you or returned favor maybe I could make the person something ceramic if they’re interested?

I think that I’d put it on a ring mandrel (we have one or more in jewelry) and gently tap it all the way around with a mallet to round it back out. I’ll be around tomorrow around 5 pm if you’d like help with it.

Unfortunately I’ll be working tonight at 5

Here is a Youtube video that kind of shows the process. She is using the buffing wheel to heat the metal up slightly before hand to make it more malleable. If we have a rawhide mallet, use that or if not use one with a plastic head.
Basically you just warm it up, put it on the ring mandrel. Beat softly around the ring (I would probably try to target the thicker bits, if you can). Turn it over on the mandrel and repeat on the other side. The ring might become slightly larger if you angle the hammer down… so try to hit it more square.
If I am around when you are there, I could probably help. I have never done gold stuff before… but I have done a lot of silver.

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