Seedlings in boiler room

Gardeners, it is prime time to plant! there are plants available now in boiler room–cucumber, cantaloupe, watermelon, squash, malabar spinach. Cherry tomatoes and bell peppers are outside by door. I just planted some sunflower seeds too, which will be good for bees and edible for people and birds.

Let me know what you would like, i can try to get down there and mark thinks more clearly if need be.

Also if there is something we should be starting inside now give ideas please— I’m thinking flowers for late summer when the bees are running low on forage.


Zinnias start best where they’ll permanently be and it’s plenty warm enough. Watering daily in the plowed spot south of the fence will help the ones I threw down sprout. Bees loved the zinnias.

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If there is time and interest, perennials can be seeded and planted in late summer and Fall.

They will establish, provided sufficient moisture, and bloom next season.

Permanent locations would need to determined because they are perennials.

There should not be any need to seed annuals now. Sowing directly will work if given care.

Zinnias definitely, cosmos, marigolds?

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I caught that and want to make jokes or puns. I think you meant Sowing unless there’s a machine that binds seeds to dirt.


Wheres seymore when you need him


Error corrected. I hope no one got confused. I can’t blame autocorrect for that one.


Jesse, thank you SO much. I took 2 pepper and 2 tomato plants Fri eve and they are now growing up together in my garden :smiley:. I think I got too excited and planted the plants that I purchased a little too early. True confession…not the first time I’ve done that.


Wait are all those for the community garden or are they extras we can take home?


Yes there are some up for grabs, but also some are not shared. I think we should demarcate an area where people are free to take what they want. I will try to do thus today and post results.


The plants on the left of seedling shelf are up for grabs. The tomatoes are all cherry, one is Atomic Grape variety, marked “AG”. There are some peppers, squash, cucumbers and okra. Like Bill said, a lot of stuff is good to direct plant right now like cucumbers and melons so keep that in mind.

Will replenish the “free zone” as needed. If you have questions let me know!


The sage, lavender, and thyme are now up for grabs as well!