Screenprinting and ceramics

I’ve recently started researching the use of screen prints in ceramics and wondered if we ever had any makers experiment with this? And if not would someone want to join up with me to try it out?!
The basic concept seems to be that you create a screen and then print onto a sili-mat or a transfer paper using underglaze, then move it onto a ceramic piece. I understand very well when it comes to the printing and transferring on a piece. But the actual creation of a screen is what I’m uneducated on.


This topic has come up on this forum at least once, but that’s all I know about it:

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i have messed around with screen printing and what i have found is the screen needs to be no more than a 110,

here are two, pieces that i have done in the past that are screen printed, my next project is several dinner plates that I’m going to add some art to the center.