Screenprinters needed at SWE Expo - April 22nd

Hey makers! Wichita Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has asked MakeICT to host a screenprinting booth at the engineering expo at century II on April 22nd from 9-3pm. Info is at

We’re going to be printing their expo robot logo on shirts they provide. I’m happy they thought up this idea because expo has grown to sort of a city-wide celebration of STEM and I hate when MakeICT isn’t involved but it’s tough to think of ideas for booths sometimes!

I need some screen printers. Marc and I will be there of course but if more people take a shift it’ll split up the work…

8-10 (actual event starts at 9 but we need to set up)
2-4 (event ends at 3 but we need to tear down)

If you have no screenprinting experience that’s okay, we will teach you! You just need to be physically able to stand up and smoosh ink over a screen, or run the flash dryer without burning yourself, or talk to people about how cool makeict is because we get LOTS of questions and interest!

Who’s available?


I’d love to help! I don’t have any screen printing experience but have worked the expo before.