Screen Tags and Storage

Hello, makers!

You all know me as the former Woodshop Lead, but I’ve shifted over to be the Print Shop Lead, proving once again, you don’t have to be an expert to be a leader! Devin is still teaching classes (the resident expert, for sure), but I have some exciting new stuff in the works, starting with a tagging system for MakeICT screens and Member-Owned Screens.

The MakeICT screens will feature an “expiration date”; a day when the member is expected to be done with the screen. Screens past their expiration date are subject to reclaiming for general use. Expiration Dates are determined by the date of creation. Members are given 30 days per $2 donation to the Printshop or $5 for 90 days to cover the cost of emulsion and screen maintenance. It also includes a clear message to other members if they have permission to use the screen.

I also have tags for Member-Owned screens. Storage of those is a one-time donation of $2 per screen, per emulsion-coating.

I think this is fair, but I also haven’t used that space a ton, so some may disagree and I am curious to know if others find this to be fair and sustainable.

This will also be a part of the “Print-Shop Authorization” that we are working to build. Let me know what you think!

Your Pal,
Doug Wilson


Tags look good to me. I like the Other Member Permissions boxes, so if someone sees a screen they like, they know if they can use it or not.


Great idea!!