Screen printing

Anyone have time to do a quick screen printing for Tallgrass Film Association by next Tuesday?

I can help you on Sunday. I can prep the screen Friday.

Thanks, Melissa!

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Hi, I’m Terrasel. I’m new to the forum, not a Makerspace member, but I have popped in to check it out a few times. I’m interested in screen printing a design I’ve drawn onto shirts or whatever else.

I was directed to the class calendar to find screen printing classes. I’ve seen two listed, and was curious what all the differences were between them, and which would be a better fit for what I’m looking for.

The first class I saw was for printing the ICT logo on a shirt for $10-$15, and it sounds like it’s more focused on the finished product. The second class I found sounds like it’s more about the process itself, and costs about $35-$40. Both are scheduled in late November. I’m a former art student, and prefer to understand the how’s and why’s over just paying someone to do something for me.

Hey Terrasel.

The ICT Flag Jam is more like a party, we’ve got a screen pre-made and everybody brings a shirt and we print on it. If you want to learn/practice the motion of applying ink on a shirt, you’re welcome to come hang out and volunteer for free, get a sense of the space, it’d be a good opportunity to visit! We’ve had groups want to do this with their own designs too, like family reunions, we charge them $150 or so and they bring in like 50 shirts and we just run through and print them all for like two hours, it’s fun.

The $40 class teaches you how to make your own screens, clear a screen, the whole process. Definitely a different thing, then you’ll know how to get your own designs set up.