Screen Print Authorization

The board spent some time last week reviewing area policy and access policy. As a result, Printmaking has a few updates, set to take affect April 1.

MakeICT screen use will require authorization. This is intended to be a 30-60 minute class to cover emulsion use and screen maintenance. This will be free to members and offered twice a month.

*I will personally be available during the March 26 open house and the March 28 Maker Monday to authorize current members who are already familiar and would like to be added to the list of authorized users.

The second policy to change will be the fees expected for the use of screens. Screens can be reserved for $2 (to cover the cost of emulsion) plus $1 per week of storage. ($3 minimum). Further details can be found within the Screen Print Catalogue.

The last update to our Printmaking policies clarify the expectations on use of ink. Personal inks are welcome, but should be limited to water-based inks only. (A policy allowing special exemptions for Plastisol use is pending approval from the board and will function similar to the hazardous material authorization in the woodshop). MakeICT ink is available for use and requires a fee of $0.10 per print per color.

If you’re eager to discuss these new changes, let your voice be heard here or in person any Maker Monday!


Thought I’d show you the value of what MakeICT offers in other parts of the country - this is simply a one time class…
I sure do miss you folks!