Screen Advice

Any advice on how to fix this? The middle prints fine but the outer bits just don’t seem to wanna join the party lol. I’ve tried a bigger sqeegie and adjusting the screen height…only thing that seems to help (though just a little) is taking a tiny squeegie and doing those bits after doing the full thing…its not reliable though. I’ve also wiped the screen to try again but same problem. These will be shirts eventually, but I don’t wanna touch them until i get this right.


Shot in the dark but have you tried flipping screen orientation or squeezing the opposite direction?


I had considered that actually! But turns out my idea to change to the bigger platform would have been great, had the bottom of it not been curved downward…lol :upside_down_face::rofl: thankfully Devin came in and pointed that out!!! They came out awesome once I changed back to the smaller platform.