Scrap Leather?

Where can I get a piece or 2 of soft, scrap leather? Maybe about the size of a sheet of paper. Black preferred.


I can go through my stash at home will probably be Monday before I can leave it at the space. I have 80 gallons of soft upholstery leather I bought at an estate sale.

I can meet you anywhere you like, too. :slight_smile:

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I was just at the Yard. They carry full hides for $75 but also had a big bin of scraps. Mostly soft leather greys and black

Thanks! I went to The Yard and got some various, but they had no black smooth. What looked black, was the suede side of grey. Let me know what you find, Malissa! :slight_smile:


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I’ll be digging through the barrel sometime today.

Sorry you didn’t find what you needed

Got some for a future use though! Thanks!


I barely got out of bed yesterday, I’ve been running through life so much lately I didn’t realize how tired I was. I will get to it today. In the mean time I came across this ad

Hi! Little late to the convo but if you ever need small pieces of leather for cheap, Tandy Leather on Meridian sells scrap bags for like $5. You get a decent amount of pieces that are fairly decent sized. I’ll usually grab a bag for small projects.

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So the Facebook ad is The Yard. Yet, when I asked on Friday, no one took me back to that stash, just pointed a finger to an aisle from behind the register. I would have taken the smallest partial hide had someone simply shown me where they were.

Thanks @Alexandra I’ll have another look. “Reasonable” is the problem. The last time I was at Tandy, the scrap bags would barely make keyrings. I’'m looking to make 2 small leather books as gifts. Not a full hide, not tiny scraps.

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Ah gotcha. Yeah that’s a tough size to find. You were looking for just plain black leather, correct? I have a full hide of black leather I can easily cut a chunk off of. How big are your notebooks? It is about 6oz so it’s on the thicker end but i’d be happy to sell it for a few bucks.

I’m looking at 30"x20" ish to make 2 notebooks approx 6x9 but let me make some signatures to double check the sizing.

Hey! Were you still needing the leather?

I got it covered

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:+1: Cool