As head of the scholarship committee, I’d like to hold a meeting for anyone interested in helping develop/revise policy on scholarships.

I’d like to propose a meeting time of Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 6:00. If anyone is interested in this topic, but can’t meet at that time, please let me know.


I put that on the calendar and reserve the coworking area for you. The Ardrino Group has the classroom.

Thanks so much!

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I would like to participate, but cannot be there until after 6:30.

If you’re the only one there, we can start when you get there.

I didn’t make it to this. Could you share what was discussed?

No one was there when I got there.

I arrived at 6pm. I stayed until 6:45 because Mike said he’d be late. Nobody showed, so I left. I wrote down some principles I’d like to see in a new policy. This is just my unmediated spitballing. I’m open to all input

Scholarships should be:

  1. Accessible/widely available - linked on website, promoted through outreach and maker Mondays
  2. Need based - Justified through short, one-page letter indicating need and recipient’s situation. Not necessarily asking for $$$ figures, but needs to indicate why $25/month would be a hardship.
  3. Renewable - Review recipient’s involvement/progress every 6 months. Are they a good member? Have they completed any service? What classes have they taken? What are they working on? Are they using the space?
  4. Recipients should do service. We have multiple opportunities for volunteering both at the maker space and at community events where MakeICT has a presence. Recipients should volunteer for at least one thing each quarter. This is not to be onerous, but to encourage community building/community ownership.

Those are the ideas Iv’e come up with and kind of where my head’s at. I welcome any feedback.


Is the scholarships going to be available for classes?

Good question. Since instructors take a 75% cut of the fees from teaching, I’d hate to cut into that.

I can see that. Maybe there is a way to pay the instructor still. Maybe get a sponsor?

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Maybe this could be a question on the “teach a class” form if you want a scholarship option?

I mean personally I keep my classes really cheap because why not. But if someone cannot afford the $8 for laser class I would gladly let them register for free.

Some classes use supplies that the instructors buy, that’s when it gets interesting, but maybe we could find funding.