Scan and print face masks

we have done 3d scans of people before, do we have the capability to 3d scan a face and print a mask to match it? some foam tape would seal it tighter…

not a project I’m starting, but a question someone asked, I figured @jameslancaster had something close anyway. :slight_smile:


Yes, we could.

A couple of notes if you have a Kinect at home with USB. (If you have one without, you can either buy an adapter (Amazon has them fror about $17, but who knows when you’d get it or if you don’t use it with the console, DIY. )

That will enable you to hook it up to your computer, which can then scan. There are some programs. After trying a few, Reconstruct Me is what I think is the best: Free for non-commercial use. There are some others.

Now turning is a bit hard, which is why I designed and built with some hackables and scrap that @rustin.atkeisson had the turn-table on the shop bot. You can use a rotating stool or other things like that. Just be prepared to scan multiple times before you get a good one. (Though sometimes the failures are just funny looking.)

Of note, the Kinect is really picky about USB ports, I have had it work in one port, but not others. That’s under both Linux and Windows on multiple pieces of hardware. So if it’s not working try changing ports first. (instead of how I usually do when I forget this and start trying all sorts of tricks that usually work.)

If people have questions, then feel free to ask me.

I’ve been working on some other ideas more than anything like this.