SawStop / Table Saw blade elevation inop

The SawStop seems to be having issues with elevation. It will only rise up about 3/4 inch before it just won’t go up anymore. It appears to otherwise work so I am not going to put a note on it.

Is the knob locked keeping it from moving up?

No, Sir.

The lifting mechanics get clogged with dust a lot. And the pinion in the back is usually the most clogged. A little scrubbing with a wire brush from the red tool box, plus a few squirts of simple green cleaner is usually a it takes.

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The worm gear is stripped beyond repair. Kim has the part number needed to repair. Hopefully someone will call sawstop get it ordered.

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I can order it right now if someone can send me the part number.

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Ordered with 2 day shipping.

Cool, thanks. I’ll bring a reimbursement check over for you tonight or tomorrow.

i was afraid of that when we moved the table last night. Same thing that happens on the router. Thank for looking into it Jerry.

My connection to internet has been spotty. So thanks for taking care of this while I’ve been away, everyone. If it arrives before 3 on Thursday, I should be able to install it.

Gear is here! I’ll leave it in your locker.

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Gear wasn’t quite right.

New part to be ordered today, blade can’t go up or down until it’s in.

Is this for the table saw? I don’t make it to the makerspace often and was heart broken when i couldn’t make something today. Cold beer made up for it. Could you please post updates in the future if things don’t work in the makerspace? I have no idea what a saw stop is, but couldn’t find any other post on the forum about the table saw.

Yes … this is the table saw (Saw Stop is the brand name we often refer to it by)

Good advice, I changed the title to be more informative.

Current status:

  • I’m getting clarification from sawstop tech support on exactly what to order, I want to be SURE this time
  • I’ll do the two-day shipping again so it should be fixed by next weekend
  • The table saw can be used for little stuff, I cut up MDF yesterday just fine, you just can’t raise or lower the blade.

Table saw is fixed.